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We at La Femme are thrilled and honored to announce our Off-Broadway production of Tennessee Williams’s The Night of the Iguana on the Signature Center's premier venue − The Irene Diamond Stage. It runs from December 6, 2023 to February 25, 2024. With Theater Hall of Famer Emily Mann at the helm, we are gathering an outstanding team of artists to render this extraordinary play, one of Tennessee's finest, in a venue (designed by Frank Gehry) that will literally take your breath away. So, please join us for this dream come true.


La Femme also had another dream come true when it was recently awarded a prestigious NEA grant ($10,000) for its 2024-2025 production of Black Girl Joy by the award-winning, young playwright Phanésia Pharel. La Femme is among 1,130 projects from across the country that were selected during the second round of Grants for Arts Projects funding for fiscal year 2023 that totaled more than 31 millon dollars. So, we look forward to updating you with news about the development of Phanésia Pharel's exciting new play Black Girl Joy − and with ticket and cast information about our upcoming production of The Night of the Iguana. As always, we thank you for your much appreciated interest and support!

Please enjoy The Night of the Iguana trailer:

If you would like to take a deeper dramaturgical dive into The Night of the Iguana, please click here.

Some images from past productions:

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