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We at La Femme Theatre Productions are eternally grateful for our Archangel Donor Robert Dohmen, who has contributed so much of his time and resources to us over the years and continues to sustain our growth and programming. We are also thankful for the support of the following Angel Donors:
Seth Beaugh
Bette Fried
James Grubbs
Beth Hyde-Hood
Jessica Maloney
Mark Thornbury
Stephen Zorn
David Handelman
Carolyn Radlo

Charles Clark
Lisa Goodman
Maxwell Farnham
Janet Myers
Deirdre Sinnott
Mary VanDevanter


Larry Bull
Joshua Hoffman
Donna Keenan
Stephan Pullan
John Schneider
Mary Powers Walker

​​Stephen and Juanita Csontos
Deborah Geltman
Carol Giles
Heather Hallett
Donald Lichty


Angelina Fiordellisi
Joanne Lichty


Emily Mann


Jean Lichty


Richenthal Foundation
Lori Rotskoff


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